We grow natural flowers and foliage for weddings, events and styling on our Adelaide Hills property in South Australia. Many of our flowers are heirloom varieties of old cultivars which are filled with scent and rustic character.


Farmhouse FlowersBecause we grow our own, the flowers and foliage are always ‘field fresh’, and we can grow unusual and delicate flowers which do not survive the supply chain of the commercial flower trade. 

If you require a flower that we are unable to grow, we will endeavour to source it as locally as possible.


Farmhouse Flowers our PhilosophyIncorporating wildflowers, pods, twigs, herbs and berries, our arrangements are full of character and a little bit wild.  Aroma is closely linked to our memories and emotions, and is therefore integral to the atmosphere of an event.  We aim to enhance your event not just with beautiful looking flowers, but the added ambiance of natural scent and vintage textures.